How Do Psychic Readings Work?

This is a good question, and probably has as many answers as there are types of psychic readings. Psychic ability is often explained by the fact that psychics read vibration or energy patterns and are able to tune into these patterns when they are focused on someone, even if they are only communicating with them by phone or email.

Psychics are better at reading energy than the general population are, but all people are much more intuitive than is commonly thought. In fact, with training and practice, many people are capable of picking up impressions and information they have no immediate access to. For example, the military and other government agencies have successfully trained people to use remote viewing techniques, allowing people to see and describe things at a place where they were not physically present.

In the future, many abilities that are currently considered psychic in nature may one day be recognized as one of the known human senses. Scientists know that there are much more than five senses, and that the human body is capable of receiving and processing information at a subconscious level. Many psychic readers have access to these abilities and can bring the information to a more conscious level…

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